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Notable Bi Book: Primal Tears
What would happen if a half human-half bonobo female came into being?  Would she be able to find love? Would she be able to help save the bonobos from extinction?  Be a spokesperson on behalf of animals? Will others take advantage of her for their own purposes whether with good intentions or devious ones?  Will evil forces hunt her down? What would her experience of
nature be?  What part of her is human and what part bonobo?  How does it feel to be the only one of a unique hybrid species on earth?  How difficult is it to be from a bisexual polyamorous species but living with humans who dont understand her need for bisexuality and desire for multiple partners?

Author Kelpie Wilson has invented a truly unique bi character

and is at her best when imagining how Sage would feel living alone in the woods with only bears and squirrels for company and we are experiencing nature through her eyes. Or during her interlude living with the Tree Nation camp in the woods and discovering her sexuality there with loving partners, former childhood playmate Carver and new friend Virgo Jane.

I found both the willingness with which her human mother, Sarah, agrees to participate in the science project that accidentally produces her half-human half bonobo daughter and the science project itself, implausible. But the character of Sage is irresistible.
  She is courageous, vulnerable, sweet, earnest, strong, in tune with nature, loving, passionately sexual and trying to find her way in a world where there no one else like herself. 

Once Sage becomes a public figure, the plot becomes over ambitious and drags somewhat.  But it addresses the important issue of human overpopulation taking over habitat and pushing animals out so that bonobos and many other wonderful, unique and irreplaceable species are being pushed into extinction by humans.  

However, if the idea of a unique person combining the qualities of bonobos and humans captures your imagination, this character wil capture your heart.

Kelpie Wilson website 
Sage's myspace page


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