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Stop Dr. Phil's biphobic show targeting teens!

Teen pretending to be Bi-Sexual? 
Is your teenager rebelling by pretending to be bi-sexual?  Has your teen pretended to be bi-sexual because he/she thinks it's cool?  Or has your teenage daughter pretended to be bi-sexual to attract boys? 
That is the topic of a proposed episode of the Dr. Phil show they are still trying to find guests for.
Below is my letter to Dr. Phil on behalf of the Bi Writers Association. Please let him know how damaging and misleading this topic will be and encourage them to change it to something more educational to the public and helpful to teens and their parents! Action alert info is available here .

Letter to Dr Phil sent through his website:
This may be one of the worst talk show topics on bisexuality we've ever seen.  [FYI-you dont even know how to spell bisexual correctly--there is no hyphen. ]
Instead of encouraging parents to accept their teens' bisexuality and providing support to the teens, you are spreading the notion that bisexuality is just something people fake to rebel or get attention.
You should be educating people about bisexuality, not spreading myths. We would be happy to provide fact sheets on bisexuality for you or you can access them in the Media Guide on our website at .  I suggest you read the Glossary and Myths & Realities of Bisexuality first. We can also provide expert speakers on the topic.
I came out as bisexual at 16 and am still bisexual at the age of 52.  I assure you, I havent been faking it. Like many other bisexual people, I have the capacity to be romanitcally as well as sexually attracted to people of more than one gender, whether or not I am excercising it..
People realize they are bi at various stages of life. The teen years are a very typical time to first experience those feelings. Teens are testing out their sexual and romantic feelings to figure out who they are,  what they feel, what they like and dont like and what they want out of a relationship. Childhood, college and post-divorce  middle age are other typical life stages where people become aware of their bisexuality, although the middle agers usually had inklings earlier in life that they ignored or repressed during a marriage or intensive child-rearing period. And children of elementary school age dont have a label for it, they just experience the feelings.
Please scrap this dangerous show idea and formulate a bisexual topic that helps teens sort out their feelings and helps their parents accept their teens for who they are. Having the ability to love people of any gender is a gift, not something to be negatively sensationlized.
Sheela Lambert
Founder, Bi Writers Association


Thanks to Lani Kaahumanu, NYABN and Queers United for notifying us and providing info about this issue.
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