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Bi Writers Association

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What Is the Bi Writers Association?

The Bi Writers Association (BWA) organizes the Bisexual Book Awards and the Bi Lines multi-arts reading series. We are the foremost voice promoting bisexual books, bi writers, bisexual writing and bi-themed arts & culture in America. BWA works to dispel myths and stereotypes about bisexuality. BWA has organized panels, a summit, film programs, educational workshops, in-service trainings. We provide networking email lists for bi writers and readers, an online bi bookstore, book lists, educational handouts and a media guide.

Founder/Director Sheela Lambert’s anthology, Best Bi Short Stories comes out in late May 2014 and her national bisexual column appears on Examiner.com.

BWA membership includes bi writers in all genres: journalism, fiction, non-fiction, poetry, songwriting, erotica, plays, TV and movie scripts.

Join the Bi Writers Association

When you join the Bi Writers Association email list a membership application form will be automatically sent to your email address or you can get one here.  Please fill it out and mail it back to the email address on the form.

Subscribe to the Bi Writers Association

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We do not charge any dues or fees.   But only members who submit their filled out application form will be eligible to post a link to their website or blog on the Bi Writers Association website.
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